Ellen McNeill, The Productivity Optimizer, provides Business Efficiency Consulting services.  She draws on her experience as an employee and consultant for service businesses.  Ellen specializes in reviewing and improving a company's operations and business systems. 

      She helps you get the results you look for while increasing efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

      Collaborating with Ellen will also contribute to surpassing your customers' expectations and motivating and  engaging your team members.


On-Site 21 Point Productivity Analysis of

Your Business Systems and Processes*

        Ellen McNeill comes on-site to your

company locations and meets with team

members you select.  She looks for "invisible"

profitability leaks, inefficiencies in your business

systems or processes, and wastes of time and 

      You receive a findings report at a 30 minute

meeting within 72 hours of her on-site visit.

Investment:       $1,550/day per location for up to 25 employees.  Quotes provided for larger organizations and/or additional locations.

Reach out to Ellen at 828.681.9690 or to set up a FREE consultation.

                                                         Business Process Optimization Project

                                                               Ellen collaborates with you and your employees

                                                        to identify simple, practical, and strategic ways to

                                                        reduce total operating expenses.

                                                                She helps find, identify and fix what isn't working

                                                         through process re-design.  She improves and creates

                                                         actionable systems and  processes that:

                                                                 --increase productivity

                                                                 --add value

                                                                 --save time and money

                                                                 --require no or low investment

                                                                 --eliminate waste

                                                                 --improve effectiveness and efficiency

                                                                 --are simple, streamlined and easy to learn

                                                                 --build on existing skills

                                                                 --are scalable

       Included in the project quote:  Ellen works with you and your team to implement her suggestions and recommendations for improvement.


Investment:  Quotes provided on a project basis


Reach out to Ellen at 828.681.9690 or to set up a FREE consultation.

Retainer Agreements


      Retainer Agreements are available.  They last a

a minimum of one year and are billed bi-annually

in advance.   

      A Retainer Agreement can be entered into

either before or after a Project is completed.  It

can also be set up without any Project commitment.


Investment:  Quotes based on scope and type of services to be provided and company size. 

Reach out to Ellen at 828.681.9690 or to set up a FREE consultation.

                                             Value Added Productivity™ Corporate Training


                                                             2-Day Value Added Productivity Skill

                                                              Development Workshops on often-requested

                                                              topics such as:

                                                                        --How to Master Critical Thinking

                                                                        --Change, Challenge and Choice

                                                                        --10 Must-Know Professional Success Skills

                                                                       Each workshop is personally customized for

                                                               your organization's current and future challenges

                                                               and strategic goals. 

Investment:  Average $6,250 for 2-Day Workshop for up to 75 participants.  

Ask for additional details.

Reach out to Ellen NOW at 828.681.9690 or 

to set up a FREE 45 minute consultation.

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